CLIENT NAME: Bharat Petroleum


Bharat Petroleum has one of India’s largest loyalty programmes – PetroBonus. The campaign was to activate the lapsers who had not transacted for 3 months. A chance to win grand prizes and assured bonus Petromiles were rewarded on a minimum purchase worth 7.5 Euros on Petro Card. A flat mailer and an email was designed to communicate the offer to the target group of approx. 100,000 members.

The campaign was a great success with Euro 2.2 million euros of sales (500% more than estimated).

The response rate of members participating in the offer was 16.5% (65% more than the expected).


The strategy was to capitalise on the fact that everyone finds a good sweepstake irresistible. Especially if he/ she can enter one without spending anything extra. So, BPCL incentivised members to buy fuel that they would normally buy anyway – but ensure that they used their PetroCard.


–Total sales: 2.2 milion Euros (500% more than estimated.)
— Response rate: 16.5% members participated (65% more than the expected)
–Total respondents: 17,345 members participated in the offer
–Bonus Petromiles earned by: 12,590 members
–Value of Bonus Miles claimed by members: 25000 Euros (560 % more than expected)


Members were required to do a minimum purchase of Rs. 500/- worth of fuel during the campaign period and they would be eligible to earn bonus Petromiles and also stand a chance to enter the lucky draw. The campaign offered:
• One bumper prize – Geetanjali Diamond Voucher worth approx 1500 Euros
• 5 second prizes each – Geetanjali Diamond Voucher worth 370 Euros
• Also, the more a member spends the more bonus Petromiles he/she earns i.e. from 100% to 500% Bonus miles

A Personalised mailer with the name visible from a cut –out envelope window and an email was sent to the target base to communicate the offer. This communication explained the easy earnings of assured bonus Petromiles and also highlighted the exciting rewards of the lucky draw.