CLIENT NAME: Bin Mahmood Holding Co


To help create a new lifestyle brand (for Automatic Bakeries and Catering) – a nutrition center where a professional team of dieticians provides the customer with a lifestyle changing experience.
The aim was to provide a viable alternative to the diet-focused alternatives in the marketplace.

Trime Media had to provide a full branded solution – from the initial naming and identity through to positioning, packaging and communication.
There were established competitors in the marketplace and a new team would have to deliver on brand promise and truly live the brand.


Target Audience:
B2B – Hospitals, schools, catering organizations, ministries and hotels
B2C – Individuals (primarily adults)

Creative Approach:
Given 180°Fit was not first to market it was key to adopt a differentiation marketing strategy. This was delivered by positioning the brand as not simply a diet option as key competitors had done, but rather as healthy nutritious food at a reasonable price – not so much just new food but a new lifestyle choice. The new brand would offer options that were as healthy as they were tasty and that would literally turn your life around 180°.
Execution wise, the new brand adopted a very different approach to the traditional blue and green “look I’m fresh” perspective of the competition. Instead, Trime Media wanted to create more of a community-focused feel and exemplify the variety of choice. It achieved this alternative communication through a rainbow of colors and introduced this from the very start with the new 180°Fit identity.


1. The new brand is already exciting the market and is increasing its customer base daily.
2. The response from both end users and media was incredibly enthusiastic and refreshing.