CLIENT NAME: Finnish Customs
Campaign started: June 1st, 2018
Campaign ended: Still in progress
Created at: September 13, 2018


Along with the growth of international web commerce, the customs declarations made on the web have increased exponentially.

There are two reasons to why making a customs declaration has turned out to be difficult for ordinary citizens. Firstly, customs declarations and issues related to them are not well-known for people. Secondly: the customs declaration can, of course, be made on the web – however, the service is out of date and difficult to use.

Problems related to customs declaration caused a parade of calls to the phone services of the Finnish Customs; the resources of the customer service did no more suffice to handle the customer calls, resulting in a decrease of customer satisfaction.


Due to reasons related to the actual systems, changes could not be made in the declaration services. Instead, the Customs decided on an update of the declaration issues and the instructions related to the actual customs declaration which was difficult to understand and written in an authoritative language.

The objectives of this project were:

  • to compile an uncomplicated, customer-oriented, modern and visual set of instructions, WHICH
  • enhances the customer experience in the electronic service channels AND
  • decreases the number of calls to the Custom´s customer services


The instructions were launched at the end of May. Over the first month, the number of phone calls to the Custom´s customer service was reduced by ca 20 %.

The new instructions have been in customer use during a period too short to verify their effect on the customer satisfaction numerically. However, the reception has been positive. This can be determined by the number of news related to the launch of the instructions.

”Customs declarations of web purchases from abroad are getting easier – a web service with monetary value from the Customs”

”Do you purchase on the web from abroad? – A super convenient web service from the Customs”


Own channels (, FB, Twitter, Instagram) and PR.

Campaign  element description:

Two various instructions were published on the Custom´s website about customs declaration on the web:

  1. Visual instructions: What you should know about customs declarations
  2. Instruction video: This is how you make the customs declaration on the web.

Instructions with respect to marketing on Custom´s all own channels: websites, Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, newsworthy media communication about the new service in all major national media in Finland, as well newspapers as electronic media.