Campaign started: January 1, 2019
Campaign ended: June 30, 2019
Created at: July 22, 2019


RateSetter is a peer to peer lending and investment platform.

By connecting investors with lenders, the platform has managed over £3 billion of investment over its eight year history,

Harvest were asked to optimise paid digital channels including paid search, paid social and display, with a goal of acquiring new investors.

We work to a strict CPA target of £400 per new investing customer.


We take a holistic view of digital marketing, looking across all channels and tracking success through to online conversion.For RateSetter, we deployed three advanced data strategies to improve response rates.

1. We developed a custom attribution model based on historical conversion data. We extended the lookback window to 60 days, then applied a half-life decay to conversions, so that events further from the conversion action had less impact on attribution.

2. For display, we ran an eight-week incrementality test. 20% of ad impressions were served a ‘ghost pixel’ instead of an ad. This gave us an accurate reading on the uplift on view-based conversions from display.

3. RateSetter offers dynamic interest rates set by supply and demand in the market. Naturally investors are more likely to convert when interest rates are high. We linked the interest rate API with Google Ads (via Google Sheets) so that we could dynamically raise bids and change ad copy when rates rose above set trigger points.


Over a six month period from 1 Jan to 30 June 2019, conversion rate to lead rose by 25% across all paid search activity.

The display test showed an incremental uplift of over 20%, delivering conversions well within our £400 target CPA. As a result, we changed display strategy from periodic bursts to always on remarketing.