AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: September 22, 2016
Campaign ended: October 31, 2016
Created at: August 18, 2017


Allianz is a well-known player in the financial insurance industry. A few years ago, Allianz started offering a small range pension products as well.

As they are still quite new in this field, Allianz hasn’t won over the market yet. To gain market share, the product had to change drastically. Therefore, Allianz introduced a new range of pension product in Q3 of 2016 and asked vandenbusken to help launch these products in the market.


Creative strategy
The new product range is characterized by the large range of options within the product, depending on how willing you are to take risks with the funds you saved. Based on this, vandenbusken developed the campaign “a powerful solution for every taste”, using Nespresso coffee cups as a metaphor. Because in the end, the consumer decides how powerful they want their pension to build up and how aggressive they are willing to invest. With the strongest espresso to represent the most aggressive investment product and decaf lungo representing the safest product, we managed to simply explain the complex new product range.

Vandenbusken helped launching the product to financial advisors. The campaign consists of two direct mails:
– A high-quality box with 7 flavors of Nespresso coffee cups in increasing strength. The box also contained a folder, explaining each flavor as a metaphor to one of the product options.
-A follow-up direct mail, using scratch and sniff with coffee smell, to remind the financial advisor of the new product range.

If a financial advisor brought in a new company on the pension products, a sales rep stopped by with an actual Nespresso machine as an incentive.


The total target group consisted of 500 financial advisers.
– 76 advisors contacted sales for an appointment
– 45 advisors requested a quote for the new product and received the Nespresso machine.


DM 1: high-end box with Nespresso cups

DM2: scratch and sniff selfmailer


Available documents for download:

170359 Allianz IDN Awards Case