AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: June 29, 2018
Campaign ended: October 31, 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


RAI Vereniging represents the interests of manufacturers and importers of cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles. Due to changing circumstances in traffic (for example the increase of traffic jams), the RAI Vereniging wants to encourage road users to ride a motorcycle. At the moment the popularity of motorcycling is negatively influenced by the perception of insecurity and incomprehension of the behaviour of motorcyclists. RAI Vereniging asked vandenbusken to develop a campaign that positively influences the acceptance and perception of the motorcyclist, which leads to a more positive image of motorcycling and a growth in the number of active motorcyclists.


Target audiences:
Inactive, active and future motorcyclists.

The campaign vandenbusken created consists of a communication flow of three phases: awareness, activation and retargeting (funnel). Every phase has its own objective and key message.

Phase 1:
The goal of this phase is to make the target groups aware of the fact that the motorcyclist is a flexible, efficient road user. This goal is achieved through several expressions, such as a website, a promo video and canvas on Facebook, and several Google display banners.

Phase 2:
The goal of this phase is to activate people who already interacted in the awareness phase of the campaign, to take the quiz about motorcycling and improve their knowledge about motorcycling. The quiz is promoted through Facebook advertising and can be found on the website.

Phase 3:
The goal of this phase is to convince road users to drive the motorcycle more often or to start riding motorcycle. This goal is achieved through 3 different carrousels on Facebook, retargeted to different target groups based on their answers within the quiz (one for the active motorcyclist, the inactive motorcyclist and the future motorcyclist).


Awareness phase:

Facebook video and canvas add (budget spent: € 3.500,-)
1.500.000 views, 425.000 people reached

Display bannering (Budget spent: € 5.000,-)
6.844.171 impressions

Activation phase:

Facebook add quiz (Budget spent: € 2.500,-)
482.477 views, 150.000 people reached, 12.000 clicks, 9.000 quiz completed
CPC: € 0,20

Retargeting phase:

Facebook carrousel adds
Just started, no results yet.

25.000 new users
13.000 quiz participants
5,64 pages visited per session