AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: The Dutch Assosiation Of Mills
Campaign started: 04/25/2021
Campaign ended: 05/31/2021
Created at: August 13, 2021


Mills… Something typically Dutch. They played an important roll in our history.Each year, our client, The Dutch Assosiation Of Mills, organises the National Mill Day, on which over hundered mills are opening their doors to welcome visitors and tell their specific story.But COVID made visiting impossible. So, how could we organise a National Mill Day without the possibility to actualy visit the mills? The solution: a fully digital National Mill Day in which we engage the target audience in a playfull way, to make sure they still have the possibility to explore the mills.


On the campaign website we brought this digital edition of the National Mill Day to life. We organised several activities which could be found on the campaign website.
Since the target audience was very diverse (from school kids to retirees) we included solutions like:

• A photo challenge – a challenge in which people could send in their most beautifull Mill photos. To create equal competition, we distinguished 3 categories (professional photographers, amateur photgraphers and enthusiastic junior photographers). To make it even more fair, we decided to give the public the chance to choose their favorite pictures.

• A Mill Quiz – in this campaign people had to answer some tough mill questions. The winner won a very nice price: an overnight stay in a luxurious mill B&B.

• A crafts program – a program for the youngest fans. Children had the possibility to create nice mill items by following several YouTube tutorials.

• And much more, such as: 360 degree videos, coloring pages, walking routes, videos about a mill biotope, etc.

The activities were communicated in a wide range of communication assets, varying from more conservative communication assets (print ads in the biggest Dutch newspaper and radio) to more innovative ones (video ads on Instagram & LinkedIn).


• The campaign website welcomed over 27.500 website visitors, that visited >3 website pages on average.

• The photo challenge got the most website visitors. Besides, almost 3.000 people voted for their favorite photos.

• 1.500 people participated in the Mill quiz.

• 4.000 walking routes were watched, > 700 coloring pages were downloaded and > 600 people watched the Mill in 360 degrees.

• In most of our activities we asked website visitors for newsletter opt-in’s which lead to > 2.000 new leads.

This were great results for a first digital version of National Mill Day.

However, we’re still hoping for the 2022 edition to take place physically, as this will enable people to have the full experience.