Campaign started: November 20, 2017
Campaign ended: December 10, 2017
Created at: August 10, 2018


Conception of a loyalty campaign for around 300 operators of biogas plants from the customer base of EWE Business. This target group, most of whom are livestock farmers, is skeptical or hostile towards advertising.


Biogas plants are always outdoors on open land. Since the campaign was sent out at the beginning of winter and the target group is more looking forward to useful gifts, we have advised EWE Business to add a warm woolen cap.
The concept of the package was convincing for 3 reasons:
1. Was it not very promotional, no product and no upgrade was sold
2. It was honest and simply formulated
3. The cap is not a cheap item, but high quality and useful in winter.

So EWE was ready to more than double the budget for the package due to the creative idea and the target-group-oriented implementation!!


The mailing was sent in late November / early December. At the beginning of January, the biogas plant operators will receive a visit from the EWE field service. The cap was an excellent start for the sales force. In contrast to previous promotional actions, there was 0% criticism, but much praise and recognition. In this good mood, it was much easier for the sales force to introduce new products and conclude contracts. Compared to the previous year, the uplift was 24%. The campaign will also be reissued in 2018. (of course from B&F)


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