AGENCY: IDN Netherlands

CLIENT NAME: VAZO (Business Association of Amsterdam area South-East)


For their 30th anniversary, VAZO (Business association of Amsterdam South-East)organised an unique business speed date-event on an inspiring location: the football stadium Amsterdam ArenA.

With only 3 weeks to go, only 50 people were registered for the event. VAZO’s aim was to get 200 decision makers from businesses in Amsterdam area to join the event. However, the budget had all been spent on other activities that did not have the effect needed.

The brief: help us to get 150 additional people to join the event. There is no budget available.


To reach the desired target group, we used social media. We started by redefining the key-message, making it more worth-while to join the event. We’ve created a list with specifications of companies that we wanted to reach out to. Using a combination of the Chamber of Commerce and our “detective skills” on both Twitter and LinkedIn, we’ve tried to find just the right social media account at the business that we were targeting.

Our secret was to be very personal and relevant. From the personal Facebook and Twitter account of the director of VAZO, we’ve sent private messages to the social media business pages, with a personal invitation. And of course, we used hashtags and joined discussions to draw more attention to the event.


– 13,8% of the target group responded to the private message on Facebook
– A significant increase of traffic to the website
– 300 participants joined the event, a majority of them became aware of the event through social media


Social media:
– LinkedIn
– Twitter
– Facebook