AGENCY: IDN Netherlands

CLIENT NAME: Reed Business International (brand: Nextens)


Nextens is part of publisher Reed Business International. Nextens is specialized in computer software for tax professionals. 3 years ago, Nextens switched from providing mainly desktop software to a comparable cloud solution.

Unfortunately, the development process did not always go as smooth as Nextens hoped and planned. They over promised to clients that were about to switch, leaving them disappointed after this big change. Nextens slowly lost the trust of the customers that often had been with them for many years.

Our brief? Develop a campaign to increase the sales of Nextens. Upgrade existing clients and create awareness among prospects.


As more and more users were experiencing problems working with Nextens, prospects also started to know about the issues. The sentiment in the market became quite negative. There were a lot of challenges we were facing, developing the campaign idea.

We started building the campaign from a human perspective: Nextens needed to re-connect with their clients and potential clients. Therefore, we came up with the campaign idea: “always connected”.


Before the campaign went live, we presented the ideas to prospects and actual clients. This is how we knew we were heading the right way: they were very positive about it.

Nextens could up sell the package 980 cloud users (21%). Most importantly, the overall sentiment about the brand changed. Especially the amount of phone calls increased significantly versus response by email or online form.


– Direct mail: Powerbank
– Guerilla: Food truck
– Social: Nextens Connect – social platform
– Social: LinkedIn ads
– Direct mail: glasses and 3D video
– Print ads in tax related magazines
– Direct mail: catalogue


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