AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: March 1, 2017
Campaign ended: April 1, 2017
Created at: August 18, 2017


Spotta is the biggest Dutch distributor of unaddressed printed advertising material and has the largest reach within The Netherlands.

Over the last years, using unaddressed print has become less sexy to marketing professionals. No matter how effective this medium can be, all eyes are on online and social media campaigns. So, as a brand manager, how would you sell using the good old printed folder to internal stake holders?

Spotta asked vandenbusken to develop a campaign to become top-of-mind of the sr. brand managers of Unilever (a Dutch-British FMCG company) and to have them rediscover the value and opportunities of door-to-door.


Creative strategy

Vandenbusken developed the concept: ‘Always something in return’. Because investing in door-to-door means a positive ROI, no matter what your goal is. Spotta has the proof to back this up, and is happy to share best practices to show this.


We’ve created branded retro gumball machines and surprised the brand managers with this present. The gumball machine was accompanied by the message: “make sure get something in return for your marketing-euro”.

We added a note explaining how unaddressed printed advertising still proof their value (Return of Investment). With years of experience, Spotta would like to get in touch with the sr. brand managers to help with the best strategy for their marketing budget.


Selling a folder to brand managers does not go overnight. This target group was quite hard to get in touch with. However, the Spotta sales team noticed the gumball machines on the brand managers desks and in their office. Speaking of being top-of-mind!!


Retro Gumball Machine


Available documents for download:

170359 Spotta New Years IDN Awards Case