CLIENT NAME: Fortum Markets


Fortum is a new generation energy company generating, distributing and selling electricity and heat. The electricity is produced with renewable energy. Fortum also offers services for saving energy and efficient consuming of energy.

Fortum launched a new service for people, who are moving, a 24/7 telephone line, where you can make an electricity agreement or transfer the existing agreement to a new address. The objective was to offer better customer service and get new contracts as well as achieve awareness for the new service.


The target group was especially younger people. The creative strategy was to attain the target groups´ attention with amusing and striking images.
TV ads were supported by a radio campaign. The radio spots started with a ring tone, a recognizable tune of a song that has something to do with moving or being on the road.
Outdoor advertising reached efficiently the young people in the cities supporting the tv ads and giving the campaign a feeling of largeness.
Mobile banners with click-to-call were chosen for online, because it was a launch of a new service telephone number.
22 Ford Transit vans were covered with campaign images reaching people on the spot where the vans could be rented at Ikea to bring home the furniture or to move you home.
Point of sales posters in shopping malls where an electricity agreement can be made while shopping.


There were more calls to the telephone line than estimated and the quality of the calls was good, the coal was reached. The contract hit rate increased 50% compared to the previous year.
Mobile banners worked surprisingly well. The exceptionally high recognition value of the campaign was 84% and the image objective of an innovative actor was confirmed.
The campaign boosted Fortum´s position as the first choice of an electricity company coming to mind and a preferred company; purchase 35%, preference 14%, competitors Helsingin Energia 10%, Vattenfall 5%.


Radio ads
Outdoor advertising: Abribus, Digiscreens in metros and trams, ads in busses.
Online: banners with clic-to-call
22 rental services vans taped with the campaign images, and ads hanging on the rear view mirrors.
Point of sales posters.