Campaign started: October 7, 2019
Campaign ended: January 31, 2020
Created at: August 27, 2020


In 2018 we created the “Look ahead” campaign for our client RAI-Vereniging. A campaign to create positive awareness to promote their bicycle lighting quality mark. A label to point out to consumers that high-quality bicycle lighting is available.

With the campaign we reached a lot of people, making them aware to “look ahead” and use high-quality lights on their bicycle. Based on the data collected, we decided to change the focus in 2020. In which we not only generated awareness, but also wanted to make sure that people actually will buy the lights with the label.


From awareness to conversion, that was our main goal for the 2019-2020 campaign. We see a lot of people having interest in this subject, but how do we make sure they will also buy these lights? Without even knowing, which light actually fits their needs?

In our opinion a total overview of all available lights with the label would not help the customer. For them it would be very hard to see which of these lights fit their wishes and needs. Therefore, we came up with an alternative solution, in which we improved the landingpage and created a “decision tree”.

This step by step flow made it possible to find out which lights you needed, by just answering a couple of steps. Within just 2 minutes you were able to find the labeled light fitting your needs and directly buy these online at an online dealer


Where in 2018 the results were great, for 2019 these were even better! With the improvements we created an added value resulting in an increase of 622% visitors on the website (with just an increase of 32% in advertising budget).
From our social media campaign 1 in 4 visitors actually clicked on the link to the online dealer, which appeared after finalizing the decision tree. We were pleasantly surprised about this conversion rate!

With just a very small budget the decision tree has been finalized by 4.800 people of which 3.000 actually went to the website of the online dealer.