CLIENT NAME: Animagi – a vet clinic chain


The Dog´s Puppy Year is a part of Animagi´s lifelong health care program for dogs. Annually, 55,000 puppies are born in Finland. The objective is to get the owners, with their new puppies, to commit themselves to Animagi´s vet services – at first during the puppy year and from there on naturally over the dog´s entire lifespan.


Our objective was to activate the puppy/its breeder from the time of birth as an Animagi client; even before the breeder transfers the puppy to the new owner. The breeder plays a remarkable role; the breeder is the person who often recommends a vet to the new owner. During the puppy year, there are at least 4 mandatory vet appointments (vaccinations). In addition, Animagi has information and services which the others do not possess; a dog´s DNA test, as well as the breed data of more than 200 breeds. Consequently, during the puppy year the owner has to be committed as an Animagi client in future, regardless of the ailment. In our creative approach, we strived for, apart from rational reasons, also for some puppy-like softness and exaltation (the FB videos). As the Animagi clinics are present all over Finland, the medias selected included, apart from targeted messages, also newspapers, pet magazines and radio. The Puppy Year Campaign was strongly on display at all vet clinics.


The Puppy Year email to breeders: opening 31%
Puppy Year email to puppy owners: opening 52%
Radio promotion: CTR 0,74%
FB videos: CTR 7,7% – 13,600 viewers, engagement 14,400
The Puppy Year service at the Animagi web site was visited more than 80,000 times
The vet clinics run out of the Puppy Year folders and brochures in no time – the number of visits was twofold in relation to what was estimated.


Adverts, radio, Facebook highlights, Facebook and YouTube videos, banners, breeder email, the Puppy Year email to puppy owners. At the clinics: brochures giving instructions for the puppy year, puppy folders, care/vaccination cards, posters (2 different), medical certificates, “thank you for selecting us – please, tell also your friends” material at the clinic receptions