AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: 01/08/2022
Campaign ended: 02/28/2022
Created at: August 11, 2022


Are you already in BEEF MODE!? Sounds like Beast Mode huh? You’re right. BEEF MODE is the state of mind where everything is possible! And the ticket to BEEF MODE is the dried beef snack of our client Jack Link’s.

High in protein, low in kcal and full of POWERRR. The perfect snack for fitness fanatics, our target audience.

Jack Link’s asked us to create a campaign for the Benelux market, based on the existing BEEF MODE concept.

3 objectives: building brand awareness, driving market penetration and accelerating distribution.

Extra challenge: in the Benelux we aren’t very familiar with dried aged beef as a snack.


Building Brand Awareness? Distinctive creatives in combination with reach and impressions!

Driving market penetration? Claiming the fitness moment!

But how do you accelerate distribution of a product that our target audience isn’t very familiar with? By convincing them to do a trial purchase… But again… How? By bringing the BEEF MODE message across and incentivize them with BEEF MODE prizes! An E-FATBIKE, Apple Air Pods PRO with noise canceling to stay in BEEF MODE, and dumbbells.

After people made a (trial) purchase at a grocery store or online, they had to upload their receipt through our campaign website, to have a chance of winning prizes.

We reached fitness people where they usually are… With geo targeted ads around gyms via Facebook & Instagram, In Store ads at 90 Basic Fit gym locations, with Preroll ads on YouTube, targeted on fitness related content and through a collaboration with one of the biggest Dutch Fitness Influencers and through instore communications at supermarkets.

Some communication assets were more BEEF MODE focused, and others were focused on the “have a chance of winning” message.

To educate people about “BEEF MODE”, we also made Instagram Story Ads. In these ads, we used “fail and success videos” and asked the target audience to guess if someone was in BEEF MODE or not through Instagram poll stickers.


• > 7.000.000 impressions on Facebook & Instagram.
• > 1.200.000 impressions at Basic Fit gym locations.
• Thousands of visitors of the campaign website.
• Hundreds of participators (submitted receipts).

Besides that, our client received very positive feedback from retail (grocery stores). Our client was very happy with this first collaboration and our speed and flexibility. And last but not least… we are invited to pitch for Jack Link’s Germany!