AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: 03/01/2021
Campaign ended: 03/31/2021
Created at: August 12, 2021


The motorcycle department of RAI Vereniging (Dutch Association for Mobility Insdustry, in which almost all motorcycle brands are participating) asked us to create a campaign to create awareness around the start of the motorcycle season.

The campaign had two objectives. Firstly to convince (inactive) motorcyclists to get on their bike (again) and secondly to make other road users aware of the fact that motor cyclers would get on their bike soon, since the motorcycle season was about to start.

The client asked us to create an engaging content campaign which would be distributed mainly through paid ads.


We decided to position March as thé Motor Month and came up with the March Motor Month (MMM) campaign. Besides, the abbreviation (MMM) was used as a refer to the well-known Dutch expression “MMM” that people often use when they enjoy something.

We used this MMM-concept and specific imagery to emphasize the feeling of getting a glimpse of the first sun rays while driving a motorcycle during the start of the motorcycle season.

We distributed all kinds of content to bring the concept alive:
• Every Monday it was time for a MMMonday Motor Inspiration article, for example about the newest models or with tips.
• We executed a quiz in which we marked some famous locations on motor routes with the MMM-logo and asked partipicants if they knew where this place was. With this quiz people had the possibility to win nice prices, such as: a training on the TT circuit in Assen.
• We followed a famous Dutch Michelin Star Chef during his first experiences on his way to obtaining his driving license.
• And a research was conducted in which we found that motorcycling de-stress people in times of Covid.

In short, a lot of content to inspire (new) motorcyclists…


• The campaign website welcomed over 8.000 visitors.
• On Facebook & Instagram we reached over 450.000 people, with over 1.700.000 views.
• The Quiz had around 2.000 participants. Most of them found the quiz through Facebook ads.
• The MMM-video’s with the Michelin Star Chef received on YouTube >250.000 views for more than 30 seconds.

Amazing results, but even better was that we created this entire campaign in 1.5 week. Thanks to ROI-Division, who supported us to make this possible!