AGENCY: Harvest Digital
CLIENT NAME: Bathing Solutions
Campaign started: 12/01/2020
Campaign ended: 06/30/2021
Created at: September 1, 2021


Bathing Solutions designs and installs accessible bathrooms for people with mobility issues.

We manage all digital channels for them, including content strategy.

Our brief is to create content which is interesting to our core audience. Ideally we also want content that authoritative publications like news sites will link to, as links like these are a strong ranking signal for search engines.


During the lockdowns in the UK, access to public toilets became a real issue. Local councils closed many toilets, and at the same time most bars and cafés were not open.

When we researched this, we realised that even in normal times there was a real shortage of accessible public toilets, which is a serious problem for the 11 million people living with disability in the UK. And since our client’s core business is installing accessible bathrooms in the home, an interest in public facilities seemed a very natural fit.

We gathered data on how many accessible bathrooms there were in each town in the UK and brought it to life with some charts and other information.

We knew that the local press would be interested in stories about how well or badly their local areas performed, so we made sure that this data was available.

Data doesn’t really tell the whole story – we wanted to explain the human cost of inadequate provision of public toilets. So we interviewed prominent disability bloggers and also talked to charities campaigning for more inclusive bathrooms to get their view.

Our plan is to return to this research later this year, so that we can then talk about which areas have improved – so we can make the content evergreen and hopefully earn even more mentions in the press.


The new content shed light on a real social issue and contributed to fill a gap in terms of data surrounding accessibility and public toilets infrastructure.

Following the publication of the research we launched an outreach campaign targeting local media in the UK.

The results of our research earned Bathing Solutions coverage in several high authority local newspapers such as Edinburgh Live, Yorkpress and Echo News or the Reading Chronicle, generating 7 backlinks and sparking discussion about the current state of public toilets in the UK.