Campaign started: June 11, 2020
Campaign ended: July 31, 2020
Created at: August 27, 2020


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people in the Netherlands canceled their summer holiday for 2020 and stayed home instead. For ECOstyle, manufacturer of environmentally friendly products for soils, plants and animals, vandenbusken saw this as a big opportunity to inspire people to start working in their gardens this summer. And of course, to buy ECOstyle products.

To achieve this, vandenbusken proposed to develop an online campaign. By utilizing the big amount of data that we gathered in the previous ECOstyle campaign, we had the opportunity to reach the target audience that responded well before.


We looked for the connection between the garden products and well-known holiday situations or destinations, and we came up with themes around them. Think of the connection between a grass lawn and a camp site, olives and Italy and so on. For each theme, we created video’s, stating that you can bring the well-known holiday situations into your garden, by using ECOstyle products.

The goal of this campaign was to reach as much people as possible. Because most people were (working) at home during the campaign period, we decided to only focus on online distribution. In order to reach as much people as possible, we created Social Media ads, a YouTube pre-roll and Google responsive display ads.

For Social Media ads, we used data that we collected during a previous ECOstyle campaign and we re-targeted people that visited the campaign website of this other campaign. We also targeted look-a-likes of the re-targeted audience.

For the YouTube pre-roll and Google responsive display ads we targeted YouTube channels and websites that are relevant to gardening.

All ads led to a landing page on the website of ECOstyle, containing more information and a store locator


Our client was very happy with the results. On Social Media, we managed to reach more than 500.000 people and reached them 5 times on average. The Google responsive display ads led to almost 400.000 impressions and 4.375 clicks to the website. This comes down to a CTR of 1,12%, which is much higher than the commonly known average of 0,3%. The YouTube pre-roll led to almost 225.000 impressions and more than 90.000 people that watched the entire video, a view percentage of more than 40%, which is very high, considering the fact that the commonly known average is between 15%-45%.

Summer campaing presentation