AGENCY: IDN South Africa

CLIENT NAME: Google Cardboard / EHRM : AfroCentric Health


AfroCentric Health has been providing healthcare administration services and health risk management solutions to South Africa’s leading medical aids and corporates for over 40 years.

ACH broke new ground in creating an emerging health risk model (EHRM) which accurately predicted the risk of a lifestyle disease in its member base, and provided interventions to manage the risk.

ACH was shortlisted as a Masters Finalist at the inaugural Accenture Innovation Awards in SA & was invited to demonstrate its innovation at the conference & awards ceremony.
1. Turn a sterile EHRM model into engaging content for the Accenture Awards ceremony


AfroCentric Health (ACH) is an innovative organization that struggles culturally to position & package commercially viable new products with market appeal. 5th Dimension (5D) is ACH’s New Product Development & Innovation agency.

The EHRM model was realized because of ACH’s Switchlab innovation program (also managed by 5D). 5D entered the EHRM model into the Accenture awards & it was shortlisted.
The Accenture Innovation Awards was the perfect opportunity to launch & showcase EHRM, to position its market readiness & to achieve recognition for the ideation team and ACH.

The challenge: How to translate an actuarial risk model into an engaging experience for judges, conference delegates and prospective clients? How to draw attention to the ACH EHRM exhibit, within a very small budget?

5D’s solution:
• Create a 3D video that credibly illustrates & visually demonstrates the concept in a dramatic, fascinating & engaging manner
• Use Google Cardboard as a virtual reality device, where users can experience 3D video differently
• Create a microsite to download the video, learn more about EHRM & generate leads
• Brand the Google Cardboard devices & integrate a QR code that points to the site
• Distribute free Google Cardboard devices to attendees who leave a business card behind


Annual Target:
Budget adherence

• 93.8% adherence to budget
• 116 business cards received
• 409 unique microsite visitors
• Recognized as a Masters Semi-Finalist at the Accenture Innovation Awards
• Video, Google Cardboard and VR are now integrated into the way ACH demonstrates its concepts to clients


2D video
3D video
QR codes
Google Cardboard flatpacks and assembled packs