AGENCY: IDN Netherlands

CLIENT NAME: Reed Business International (brand: XpertHR)


Checkit is an online portal for managers, that gives quick insights on HR related questions and topics. XpertHR, a label of the publisher Reed Business Information asked vandenbusken to launch this product to the Dutch market, making managers and XR professionals aware of the existence of this new product.


First of all, we couldn’t resist recommending the product-name “Checkit”. The initial product name was “XpertHR for managers”. What we’ve learned, talking to managers and HR professionals, is that managers don’t want to invest their valuable time in HR matters. Actually, most of them don’t want anything to do with HR. And if they need information, they are looking for a reliable source to do a quick fact-check. We thought “Checkit” to be suitable for this proposition; the client agreed.

Given the relatively small budget, we decided the best way to launch the product, would be to carefully map out the most interesting target groups, and split them out in terms of:
a) most likely to work with the product (managers)
b) most likely to be interested in the product (HR managers)
c) most likely to be the decision maker (directors)
d) most interesting companies (size 100+ employees)

With this campaign, we carefully tried to use company politics and dynamics between internal teams and levels. Our main goal was to trigger the conversion between all parties involved. We were especially focussed on getting group A and B to talk to each other about the product. Why did we want this? If A and B agree, they will make a stronger statement to C, the decision maker.


A good start for a brand new product

Unfortunately, the awareness level of the product has not been measured yet. However: The YouTube viral video had almost 20.000 views.

XpertHR received over 200 requests for information packages. About 62 companies made an appointment with one of the sales reps of XpertHR leading to the first 18 actual customers.


– Viral video
– DM: Check the Box
– Online display banners


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