AGENCY: Harvest Digital
CLIENT NAME: Cheeky Wipes
Campaign started: March 23, 2020
Created at: September 2, 2021


Cheeky Wipes is a UK based company who are focused on designing environmentally friendly products that are reusable which will save you money.

In 2021, they launched their Period Pants product. Our brief was to simply increase sales of Period Pants through online marketing channels, raise awareness of the brand and to promote the eco-friendly, reusable Period Pants.

Our target audience was females aged 18+ as well as those who suffer with incontinence. Our aim was to target users who are trying to be more environmentally supportive and those looking to reduce the amount of disposable products they’re using.


In what is a very busy marketplace with some of the biggest brands, for example Marks & Spencer’s, already heavily invested in this space. We knew this was going to be a challenge but, a challenge we were prepared for. The key USP of Cheeky Wipes was their sustainable, leak-proof, eco-friendly pants.

Developing an integrated campaign across Paid Search, Paid Social and Amazon which identified the most relevant audiences to promote the pants to. We took advantage of Cheeky Wipes CRM as we knew they were families who have already taken the plunge to be more sustainable. With this, we could promote to new customers and advertise Cheeky Wipes pants which are leak-free, eco-friendly, and stylish.

Creatively, we used real woman wearing the pants. Leveraging Cheeky Wipes brand name, we were cheeky in the way we promoted this with terms such as “fancy a threesome?” or “fancy a threeway?” as we promoted three for two offers.

There was vigorous campaign testing throughout the campaign with a variety of copy, creative and channel optimisation. We attempted to dominate the term Period Pants across paid search by focusing on driving traffic and increasing our SOV.


The campaign proved to be a real success. In 2021 it has accounted for a large proportion of overall sales with an ROI above 5:1 and over 200% increase in product sales. There was also a questionnaire which allowed woman to submit questions prior to purchase. This enable someone to write a personal response to the customer which resulted in a high response rate.

We put a brilliant marking campaign behind Period Pants, which proved to be very successful with a big increase in sales and a campaign we are continuing to push for the remainder of 2021.