AGENCY: Create Direct
Campaign started: 06/01/2021
Campaign ended: 06/01/2022
Created at: August 17, 2021


-End user sell-out promotion for Michelin truck, light truck and agricultural tyres.

-The promotion must be active in Romania, Croatia, Hungary and Greece.

-Focus on long-term engagement of the final customers and reward them for their overall Michelin Group product purchases.

-Create a concept-umbrella that supports the idea of community for B2B customers


We created CLUB PRO by Michelin, a loyalty program dedicated to all professional users of Truck, Bus, Coach and Light truck tyres, where loyalty is being rewarded with cashback for each purchase.

The tagline Ready, Set, Cashback! tagline invites the user to take action, resulting in immediate rewards and benefits. It’s simple, clear and effective. The program focuses exclusively on the customer and the benefits he can enjoy by being a part of CLUB PRO by Michelin.

Each tyre purchase registered in the program is rewarded with a set amount of cashback, depending on the type of tyre. The cashback is sent directly to end-user company bank account for a fast and simple redeem process.

We implemented innovative mechanics of up-sell and cross-sell for CLUB PRO by Michelin to support loyalty and competitive benefits. The platform allows for an optimal targeting of users by segmenting them according to the type of companies they represent.
The platform integrates the sales force and co-opts Michelin tyre distributors. Depending on the country, distributors are rewarded with a percentage from their transporter’s cashback.
By promoting the cashback program to customers, they are supported in stimulating sales and efficiently managing stocks.

CLUB PRO by Michelin is multi-country and is simultaneously active in Greece, Hungary, Croatia and Romania.

CLUB PRO by Michelin is much easier to access than the previous loyalty program. The reward process is simpler and more effective.
Users can access CLUB PRO by Michelin through a single sign-on on Michelin platform.

Users have a clear view on their activity and transactions.
Members stay informed on their uploaded invoices status and know, at all times, when an invoice is pending, approved or rejected.
Users also have access to redeemed cashback history and can view the amounts they have been paid or in the processing of paying.

Another helpful feature is offering users two options for cashback redeem: Automatic Mode – Instant redeem scheduled automatically once a minimum threshold amount is reached, and Manual Mode – Cashback is sent on user’s demand.

We implemented the Cashback Chart, the tool that automatically calculates the cashback potential after simulating Michelin tyre purchases. The simulation is based on the standard bonus users can receive after purchases month by month until further notice. Users have to select the quantity and type of tyres they intend to buy. The total amount of potential cashback is updated instantly.

The cashback chart is customized for each country by using their specific currency. The platform offers the possibility of calculating a multiplied cashback for special campaigns as well, where the cashback doubles on the purchase of certain products.

Members have access to a map of dealers in their area. They are provided with a filter for tracking the specific tyres they are interested in and offered the contact information for the dealer that carries that product. The Dealers Map is integrated with Google Maps


CLUB PRO by Michelin launched successfully  on June 1st, in all countries targeted.

Although the program is still new, it is fast  growing. Its intuitive mechanics, easy flow and  convenient user features attract more and more  consumers to join the program.

Thousands of invoices uploaded in the first two months of the campaign.

The campaign is a BIG SUCCES for Michelin, in all 4 countries, for both the customers and the Michelin sales-force.


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