AGENCY: Sales Group
CLIENT NAME: Cofina Media
Campaign started: August 2018
Campaign ended: August 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


To generate new biannual and annual subscriptions for Sábado magazine paper edition, one of the most read magazines in Portugal.



  • Usage of several channels to communicate the campaign: email marketing for different segments, landing page for online subscription, online ads, a widget and printed ads in the magazine.
  • Use of a very appealing offer, especially for the time of the year: one or two vouchers (depending on the length of the subscription) for stays in a very well-known hotel chain – – and with many units in Portugal and Brazil (without a draw, everyone would win)
  • Several ways subscribe: online, by mail (free), phone, fax or email.


  • Email marketing to former subscribers
  • Email marketing to a prospecting database
  • Online ads in the group websites
  • A widget on the group websites

Printed ads with a form to fill and subscribe


  • The goal was reached in a month of campaign: the campaign was stopped because there was higher than expected adherence and the offer ran out
  • The vouchers were all delivered within 30 days

ROI reached in the first month of campaign


Email marketing, internet, printed ad

Campaign  element description:

Landing page:

A simple landing page, with the campaign’s description and a redirection to Cofina’s  page with a form where the client could subscribe for 6 months or a year.


Online – mrec  and a widget – inviting the users to subscribe

Offinle – 3 printed ads (each with a different image of a hotel location)



Printed ads (3)