AGENCY: Sales Group

Campaign started: September 2017
Campaign ended: Still in progress
Created at: September 07, 2018


The business was at its beginning and the owners did not have a strategy at all.

The challenges were:

  • A new unknown business
  • The main manager was a sports instructor and in love with SUP, and wanted to connect this sport to Cultural Tours, mainly in Alentejo region
  • Unstructured service offering
  • To be able to communicate the cultural and SUP component without any overlapping the other (not having the aspect of a SUP project, but allying its passion with a wider offer)
  • Communicating SUP, which is still a less known sport and very connoted with being in a good physical shape


  • Creating an identity – a vision, a mission and an image/ a logo (explanation bellow) – we created: the concept and image, website, stationary, fairs material, promotion material (both paper and digital)
  • Creating a signature – Experience Portugal (explanation bellow)
  • Creating secondary logotypes – for each kind of experience
  • Structuring the offer and service design – we helped the client design and structure the offer according to each resource of the Alentejo region, his own passion and what we think would be the expectation of costumers (explanation bellow), having in mind the creation of a differentiated offer – there are several companies doing tours in Alentejo, but none with such a differentiated offer (with high level partners) and with the possibility of doing SUP in the lakes and reservoirs of the region
  • Listing strategic partnerships
  • Target: tourists (mostly from Germany, Netherlands, United States of America and Canada)


  • About 50% of the sells come from the website, the other 50% come from recommendations from clients, partnerships, online platforms, Turismo do Alentejo and product interchange (some clients book the transfer and end up doing a Tour too).
  • Reservations on the website: more than 150 (in a year of existence)
  • 10 National/ International partnerships that bring almost 50% of the sells (these guarantee a long-term sustainability for the company, which is very interesting)
  • 2 international travel magazines made an article with the recommendation of the Corktour services (unpaid advertising)
  • 5,0 rate in Tripadvisor

One of the 17 portuguese startups selected by Turismo de Portugal to be on the international fairs of Tourism representing Portugal*


  • Website/ digital presence
  • Internal promotion: partnerships with of Portugal and Portuguese companies promotion organizations such as Turismo de Portugal and Visit Portugal, with hotels, tourism promoters, brands of wine, food, restaurants and well-known brands of SUP
  • Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Google Ads
  • External promotion: participation in international tourism fairs along with Portugal Tourism promoters heavy weights, registration in tourism platforms

Campaign  element description:

  • Identity – the logo:

The symbol is a stylization of the crown of a cork oak, a striking element in the Alentejo landscape and an important natural resource of the region.

Its curved shape also refers us to a reservoir or to a paddle board, elements that are in the genesis of Corktour.

  • Creating a signature – Experience Portugal – We want the customers to discover the natural and cultural beauties of Portugal, but always from an active point of view, not only as mere spectators, but rather as true explorers.

The offer – we helped the client design and structure the offer according to each resource of the Alentejo region: Transfers; Dams and reservoirs (Cork&SUP); Olive (Cork&Olive); Cities and towns (Cork&City); Wine (Cork&Wine); Marble (Cork&Marble); Cork (Cork&Cork); For disabled (Cork4All) – all these can be done with or without SUP.