CLIENT NAME: De Nieuwe School
Campaign started: August 1, 2019
Campaign ended: July 31, 2020
Created at: August 27, 2020


What makes a student switch from a public to a private school, while it is 10x more expensive? And how does the decision process work? Who has influence on the switch and the process leading up to this? And which channel is most effective to reach and persuade the target audiences?

De Nieuwe School approached us with these challenges. This small, private school, located in the heart of Amsterdam, asked us to come up with a strategy and execute this to convince people to choose for them as the next step in their school career.


The choice of a private high school is not a choice which is made overnight. Moreover, there are many moments during the year, when this choice can be made.

With this in mind, we decided to reach the target audience with an online campaign in three phases:
1. Informing the target audience about the existence of the school and their unique personal approach with text ads on Google and video ads on social.
2. After establishing awareness amongst the target audiences, we started to convince them with more in depth information, using retargeting methods.
3. Time to activate. In this phase, people were already reached a couple times. Besides that, people had shown interest by visiting key landing pages on the website. In this phase we asked them to make a particular conversion, for example to register for an open day or to request an introductory meeting.

We decided to reach parents mainly on Facebook and students mainly on Instagram, because that’s the platform they use.

During the year we continuously changed our messaging in the ads, based on the specific moment. To make sure our messaging was always relevant. This was extremely important during COVID-19.


It’s really hard to compare the number of new registered students to the numbers of last year. We live in a totally different time now. COVID-19 has a big impact on a private school, which is much more expansive than regular high schools. At this moment we are waiting on the final results. Mid July the client informed us that unfortunately they had 20% less registered students for coming year, but this is also seen at other private schools. In relation to the competitors, the numbers of DNS are less negative.