AGENCY: Create Direct
Campaign started: December, 2017
Campaign ended: August, 2018
Created at: October 14, 2018


NTS Pay is a highly appreciated provider of a full range of vending equipment and services on the Romanian market. They provide coffee & snack smart machines for over 700 public locations in Romania. They developed and manufactured the first automated vending machine that offers along with a good coffee the extension of electronic services and their integration through state-of-the-art e-payment solutions in Romania. Also, they produce their own coffee brand, which brings us to our branding campaign brief.

Starting this year, they needed a new name and brand identity for their entire range of products (vending machines, coffee brand, promotional materials).


Before the rebranding, NTS had a more traditional, conventional look and they needed a more daring, modern, vivid and dynamic image. We created a story and a new brand identity around the name Ribanna Coffee – a brave, colourful character which inspires energy, young spirit and freedom – same as their strong quality coffee.


The new Ribanna Coffee, which came in completing the premium vending solutions that the company owns, was successfully integrated in a few months, covering about 18% of their full capacity, thanks to a marketing strategy to maximize market coverage. We have been able to get a first feedback through a classic / social media mix and have achieved an increase in visibility by defining the target audience and setting brand values in line with it.

Ribanna Coffee is more than an extension of customer personality, it is time earned for a good coffee and quality service.

The new image of the product provides a fresh, modern new approach and is guaranteed to draw attention wherever they are found.

In just a few months after the rebranding process, the new Ribanna Coffee already registered a sales increase of about 18,6%.


Promotional materials and product branding

Campaign  element description:

  • Coffee package rebranding
  • Vending equipment rebranding
  • Presentation brochure
  • Vehicle branding
  • Presentation portfolio



Promotional Brochure: Brosura NTS