BtoBtoC activity.
Develop a portal in a view to manage central campaign and allow all point of sales to have a direct contact with the customers.
Planning CRM strategy, on and off line, to increase of 35% affiliation of members (beauty salon) and improve the brand loyalty with lead generation and lead nurturing activities.


Target: hairdressers customer
CRM on and off line with activities of lead generation and lead nurturing.
Activities developed: Restyling and refactoring of digital presence (website, app and social platform), DEM campaign, social contest, mailing and SMS activities.
LOYALTY program direct to salons having prize catalogue.
Professional support to salons (upgrade, stages, tutorial)



  • Increase of 40% DEM open rate
  • More than 1.000 new members in 6 months
  • + 10% of Tablet users