CLIENT NAME: Mehiläinen
Campaign started: February, 2017
Campaign ended: On going
Created at: August 17, 2017


The Mehiläinen Group is one of the best known and recognized private producers of health and social services in Finland. Being 100 years old, Mehiläinen is a traditional, yet fast developing and expanding trendsetter in its line of business. Mehiläinen has 290 branches in Finland and the health centers cover all health-related services, from general, special, occupational health and dentist services to hospitals and elderly care services.



We designed a pilot campaign in order to start an automatization of their marketing. The objective was to accumulate new marketing permits, as well as to segment the customers in a new way. In fact, the customers segmented themselves by responding.

The pilot campaign was targeted at 20,000 people visiting Mehiläinen. Following the appointment, a service mail was sent automatically. The receiver was asked to inform us about their subject of interest by responding to an enquiry taking just a few minutes of time. The goal was to get information about the customer in order to enable us in future to target interest-related messages.


  • As a result of the pilot campaign, we received responses from next to 10,000 people (pull 50%)
  • We attached the responses to the CRM of the responders, based on which we launched a targeted message action resting on the announced interest
  • The control group comprised 10,000 similar customers of who we did not have equivalent information.

We were able to prove that in the group announcing their interest, in comparison to the control group:

– the sales of the basic services had increased
– the sales of pre-emptive services had increased
– the number of appointments had increased
– the website visits had increased
– the appointments of the pilot group´s family members had increased
– the number of downloads of the mobile applications had increased

Above all

– The sales of pre-emptive services to the piloting group has increased
– In the 60+ group, the sales of services targeted at seniors had an incredible increase
– In the active exercisers group, both own appointments, as well as family members´ appointments have increased remarkably
– The sales of services paid by occupational health customers have increased
– Mehiläinen increased their sales of occupational health services by 15 percent in 2017

With only demographic information, it is not possible to target the customer communication in a relevant way. The forthcoming CRM program of MEHILÄINEN will in future be based on the information about subjects of interest provided by the customers and accurately targeted customer communication



In the enquiry, we asked what kind of health-related issues the customer is interested in. In addition, the customer could in person define what kind of a characterization describes her or his attitude to health. The objects of interest were attached to the base for further processing.

Thank You page

The ones responding to the enquiry were given prospective promises of information, advantages and offers about health services

Trigger mailings based on the response

Based on the response, seven various mailings were triggered with target-group-related approaches, advantages, services and health information.

Taking advantage of the response in future triggering

Based on the response, we picked as an example a target group selecting these two definitions:

– Interested in the health issues of people of 60+ years of age

– People profiling themselves as active exercisers

A particular service was designed for 60+ customer; a health contract providing comprehensive health services of a GP at a monthly fee. In the sales approach the message was targeted observing, among others, exercising habits.


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