CLIENT NAME: Mehiläinen 
Campaign started: May 2017
Campaign ended: August 2018
Created at: September 11, 2018


The Mehiläinen Group is one of the best known and respected private providers of health and social services in Finland. Mehiläinen – more than 100 years old – is a traditional, but rapidly developing and expanding trendsetter in the field.

Annually, Mehiläinen handles more than one million customers across Finland, in about 290 locations. Customers comprise as well private citizens as businesses, insurance companies and public sector organizations.

For the customers of Mehiläinen, we designed a unique, three-level Customer Loyalty Program, the objective of which was to commit and reward the customers and also listen to them, as well as to support the customers´ health and well-being.


The program includes three levels (Basic, Plus and Super). Anyone can register for the Customer Loyalty Program by downloading an OmaMehiläinen (OwnMehiläinen) application in the cellphone and registering as a user. The program automatically identifies the benefit level in the Loyalty Program to which the customer belongs.

All level benefits in the Mehiläinen Customer Loyalty Program include in addition to the customer himself also the family members included in the application. The valid benefit level is shown in the OmaMehiläinen application and will be checked every time the application is downloaded.

The monetary value benefits are valid either indefinitely or temporarily. In the benefits, health-contributing and prophylactic services like vaccination services, lab tests charting risk factors and dental-related benefits are emphasized.

Health services are increasingly moving towards digital solutions. Mehiläinen´s objective is to be a forerunner as a provider of digital health services and their goal is to have the customers to download the OmaMehiläinen application and

this way to commit themselves to the Customer Loyalty Program and be in control of their own health issues. The OmaMehiläinen application includes:

  • The Loyalty Program with its benefits
  • A digital surgery, open 24/7
  • Renewal of prescriptions
  • A digital pharmacy, home order of prescribed drugs
  • Booking of appointments, registration
  • Results of completed test results; results are shown in the app
  • Also family members can be included in the app

Objective and strategy

The goal was over the period of May 2017 thru August 2018 to have 100,000 downloads of the app and individuals registered for the program, an increase of the number of customer benefit redemptions and an increase of the marketing consents.

In addition, the goal is to increase the Open and CTR results of the letters sent via the marketing automation.

The strategy was a targeted communication of the Customer Loyalty Program via a marketing automation system, the social media and marketing measures directed to the businesses.

The OmaMehiläinen application can be downloaded in all marketing and service messages sent by Mehiläinen.


  • Number of registrations for the Customer Loyalty Program, target 140,000 individuals/result 280,000 person + 200 % above target
  • Loyalty Program website visits increased by 20%
  • Number of customer benefit redemption growing in an enormous pace
  • Average open% of Customer Loyalty letters 50% (target 28%)
  • Average CTR% of Customer Loyalty letter 15% (target 8%)


Newsletter, Facebook Ads, Website, Trigger messages

Campaign  element description:

Marketing measures of the Customer Loyalty Program (and the OmaMehiläinen app)

  • Targeted monthly letters (targeting segment/benefit level), email
  • Benefit letters tailored according to level (email)
  • Trigger messages targeted according to behavior
  • Targeted Facebook ads
  • Info displays at the Mehiläinens reception posts
  • Own website