AGENCY: Direxions
CLIENT NAME: Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited
Campaign started: June 2019
Campaign ended: June 2019
Created at: August 24, 2020


A common phenomenon in Indian households where the father / husband takes on the sole responsibility of earning and investing, there is a large information asymmetry about important financial information like details of insurance policies, emergency funds, etc. Hence, in the event of hospitalization or demise of a father/husband, the spouse and children are often at a loss of where to start looking for the necessary financial information.

Campaign Objective:
The objective of this initiative was to break the stigma of talking about money and finance related decisions with one’s children.


The task for the IFAs (father’s only) to present a comprehensive financial dossier to their children to aid as a consolidated documentation of all their financial holdings and assets. This contained the minimum information essential for the family to know about all the assets owned by the family.
The IFA had to present this to the children and send in a picture of them handing the same over to their young ones.

Desired outcome:
Engaging the Father:
• Encouraging him to share the legacy he has created for his children.
• Providing a memento for his participation.
Benefits to the Children:
• To understand the love and insight with which their Dad has provided for them.
• To have information readily available for them in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Types of campaign communication:
• Emailer with fun fact about Warren Buffett’s youngest son not knowing what his dad did for a living or his net worth until he was 25.
Information Mailers
• 5 Tips to teach your children to save money
• The differences in financial goals of Millennials as parents’ v/s Gen X parents.
• Emailer and SMS announcing the activity and memento (for all valid entries)
• 2 Emailers & 13 SMSs (including countdown SMSs to the last day of submission)
• Customized personal response via Whatsapp thanking the IFAs for their open-mindedness and their participation
Post Event Amplification
• Email and SMS congratulating those with valid entries and informing them about the arrival of their memento
• Publishing the entries on the website.


We received 532 entries of which 193 were personally awarded a participation memento, as their entries were considered as valid.
Amongst other entries were also IFAs that simply wanted to share how they celebrated Father’s Day with their family with the Privilege Club team.
Teaser emailer:
• Sent: 10.83K
• Opened by: 1.08K
• Open rate: 10%
Information Emailer 1:
• Sent: 10.73K
• Opened by: 811
• Open rate: 7.5%
Information Emailer 2:
• Sent: 10.69K
• Opened by: 831
• Open rate: 7.7%
Launch Emailer:
• Sent: 10.66K
• Opened by: 623
• Open rate: 5.85%
Reminder Emailer 1:
• Sent: 10.65K
• Opened by: 977
• Open rate: 9.17%
Reminder Emailer 2:
• Sent: 10.59K
• Opened by: 100
• Open rate: 9.44%