Campaign started: September 16, 2019
Campaign ended: November 12, 2019
Created at: August 27, 2020


A disability insurance (AOV in Dutch) is not the most appealing topic for the self-employed or small-scale entrepreneurs. These insurances have a bad reputation. People are afraid that the insurance won’t cover, if something does happen, due to the small print. They are also known for being very expensive. Allianz interviewed a large group of entrepreneurs and self-employed people and created 5 new disability insurance products, based on their feedback, risks in their profession and needs. Allianz asked us for a campaign to introduce these 5 new disability insurances amongst insurance advisors.


We created the creative concept: “Een AOV op het lijf geschreven”, which is an expression meaning: “fits like a glove”. Literally translated the full phrase means: “A disability insurance that’s written on your body”. Creatively, we decided to literally place a tattoo of each insurance product, on the body of an entrepreneur. In a campaign-video, these entrepreneurs explained why this particular insurance fits with their needs, lifestyle and profession. In a DM, we sent fake tattoo stickers with the several products on them.

For an insurance company, this approach was quite “out there”, usually keeping to strict brand guidelines.


Our main objective was awareness: informing insurance advisers about the new products. We reached the 500 advisors that we wanted to inform with the DM and EDM with campaign video. Our client noticed a clear uplift in quotes requested for the new insurances, but unfortunately did not give us the exact numbers.