AGENCY: IDN South Africa



The objective was to generate 30 new business leads for our Client, Dee Smith.

The company delivers very specific IT training for managers of Data Centers.

Lee Smith, one of the directors, is well known in the industry for his work ito of designing and building large data centers but the training offering was almost unknown before the campaign.


The strategy was relatively simple :

– Identify the top 200 IT Directors in the company at major SA enterprises
– Design an attention getting 3D pack to penetrate the clutter

As with most IT people they tend to have their own way of speaking. Much of the briefing from client was hard to “de-code”. Towards the end client did however make a beautiful statement. He said “Through our training we shed light where there is darkness”. This gave rise to the creative concept for the campaign.

The pack included a USB LED enabled light. The pack included an instruction to plug the pack into a USB port on the recipient’s computer. When the box is opened the USB LED light is shining onto the message “We shed light where there is darkness”. Very attention getting.

The pack did of course include lots of hard hitting facts about the training as well as highlighting the opportunities for well-trained data center managers around the world.


The campaign delivered 45 leads.

28 converted to training at an average of 3 people per company. The gross income from these people was R1,5 million.

The cost of the campaign was +- R45,000 for all elements including concept, design, production, list rental and courier.


As outlined above the 3D pack included a USB LED light as well as a letter, brochure and lift piece.