In Finland, there are several private companies offering health services. The competition is tough, especially in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In general, all of them offer the same services. The objective was to create a customer relations program for Diacor – one of the companies offering health services – which provides a substantial competitive edge, engages the existing customers, generates new customers, gets the customers to concentrate their families´ all medical appointments to Diacor and recommend their services.


Diacor´s mission is to contribute to human well-being and make it possible make customers to feel better. Diacor´s profits are, unlike the other actors in the field, directed to promote projects concerning health and well-being.
We designed a customer relations program adapted to the values of Diacor and its owners, with a core value which was high respect of the customer. “Every single customer is a Valued Customer.” The customer registers (marketing allowance) as a Valued Customer at the site or when registering as a patient at the surgery.

• A Valued Customer is a highly respected customer of Diacor. A Valued Customer gets a consultation phone line of his own, invitations to events, health-related bulletins, targeted benefits as well as service packages tailored to the needs of the Valued Customers
• The Diacor Valued Customer Program started with employee engagement activities, training and an internal campaign. Next in line was external recruitment, a television, magazine and web campaign, Facebook, outdoor advertising
• After this, member communication was launched; the Valued Customers were segmented by anticipating their health care needs, in accordance with as well age, gender as appointment history
• A member mailing will be sent monthly, on a regular basis, to the Valued Customers (varying messages to various segments) and the benefits of a Valued Customer can be found at the website


The program was launched 5/2014 and the target was to generate 3,000 Valued Customers by 12/2014. The target was reached in three weeks! In the spring of 2015, the program already had 15,000 members. The open% of the customer bulletins was regularly more than 50 and click 20%. The events arranged for the Valued Customers have been regularly filled up. Employees, and also doctors, are committed to recruit new Valued Members. In surveys, Diacor has taken over its worst competitor and media campaigns have reached 60 percent awareness in the target group.
Diacor´s Valued Customer program is no longer a plain customer relations program, but also a part of Diacor´s business and will in future be a part of Diacor´s total operations.


Internal campaign, tv-spots, print ads, banners, facebook, outdoor, brochure.