Campaign started: Q1 2018
Campaign ended: Q4 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


Diadermine is a cosmetics brand of Henkel CEE with a longstanding reputation and expertise in the beauty care segment. Diadermine has been targeting with it’s products women (age group >30) for the longest time. In the beginning of 2018 Diadermine was launching a new product category “Diadermine Hydralist” which was especially designed to target a younger audience and make the brand appear more youthful.

Therefore, the task was how to translate the reputation and expertise of Diadermine to a young and hip product that would mainly focus on millennials in Austria. We were asked to develeop a 360° launch campaing including a strategy for all relevant touchpoints that focusses on the main target group millennials.


The idea was to market the new products as “The hydration miracle for your urban lifestyle” that would talk to young people and their way of urban living (they do everything at once and never want to miss out! Sports, party, work, studies)

In order to translate this “urban feel” we had the idea to create local relevance by developing key visuals that depicted the regional skyline of each main city in Austria. Those visuals were then used OOH (strategically placed Citylights and Digital Screens on Main Squares) in the different cities.

Furthermore we targeted the audiences online according to the cities, always using the customized visuals for each city. To support this local and urban fit even more, we teamed up with local influencers in each city and sent them especially designed blogger boxes. The influencers were then blogging about and feauturing the brand on their Social Media Channels.

Moreover we produced an online video to transport the mood of the new product line throughout online channels.


Our local “urban lifestyle”  online video tested better in the media testing against the international campaign video à therefore our video was used for the overall online ad campaign over the international master

We had a 59% response rate from the (unpaid!) blogger relations, which was quite high

Although the quantitative results (ROI, ROAS) were not yet shared with us, we have received very positive overall feedback from Henkel.


Online (Social Media+Influencer), OOH (Citylights, DigiScreens), POS, Print

Campaign  element description:

01_HY_Hydralist_Citylights_different cities

OOH and Print Examples

03_Hydralist Digital Screens


Social Media Hydralist Examples