AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: Weber Netherlands
Campaign started: April 16, 2018
Campaign ended: May 20, 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


Weber Netherlands has asked vandenbusken to create assets for an online campaign for the newest innovation of Weber: the Pulse barbecue. An electric and convenient barbecue with the same end results as a charcoal or gas barbecue. The future of grilling, made for urban living.

The goal of this campaign was to draw attention for the new electric Weber Pulse barbecue, to inform people about this barbecue and to generate traffic to the landing page, by using offline and online channels. From this traffic, the ultimate goal was to boost sales for the Weber Pulse.


The target group of this campaign consisted of males between 25 and 35 years old, living in an urban area, with an above average income.

Because the target audience was relatively young and the Pulse is a very innovative product, vandenbusken chose to primarily focus on innovative ways to present the Weber Pulse and to utilize the possibilities for mobile phones.

We have created:
HTML5-banners, YouTube pre-rolls, Facebook and Instagram posts/advertisements, a Smarticle on (a news-website regularly visited by young adults) and billboard designs, that have been displayed on 252 billboards in urban areas throughout the Netherlands.

For example, we created interactive and innovative Social Media posts for the target group to discover the Pulse, such as a multifunctional Facebook canvas that highlighted the features and models of the Pulse, by using videos and a tilt-to-pan visual to show the full range of Pulse products. We also created a Facebook carrousel with a continuous design, to highlight the outstanding and innovative Pulse features.

Furthermore, videos have been created in which the Pulse features have been highlighted on phuturistic house music. These videos have been used as YouTube pre-roll advertisements prior to popular music videos of the target group.


• Facebook & Instagram: Goal 2.000.000 impressions, Result 3.236.930
• YouTube: Goal 2.096.000 impressions, Result 2.876.174
• Display Banners: 2.613.630 impressions, Result: 3.014.725
• Sanoma Smarticle: Goal 1.300.000 impressions and 7.000 interactions, Result 975.134 impressions, 11.236 interactions
• Billboards: Goal: 9.065.000 reach, Result: 9.065.000 reach

Online total: Goal 8.006.630 impressions, Result 10.102.963 (+26%)
Almost 9% of all website-traffic was coming from the online Pulse campaign.

Offline total: Goal 9.065.000 reach, Result 9.065.000 reach

The budget for the rollout of the whole campaign was €120.000,-.