AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: Mobility Alliance
Campaign started: January 1, 2019
Campaign ended: May 1, 2019
Created at: July 31, 2019


The Mobility Alliance is a Dutch coalition of 24 major parties from the car and two-wheeler industry, road transport and public transport sectors.

For the Mobility Alliance, a joint vision is crucial, because all the parties have different interests. The main goal was to get all involved parties aligned on a common vision, which can serve as a base for all communication. Especially needed for the Delta Plan – a large mobility plan, which is ought to keep the Netherlands accessible in the future.

That is why vandenbusken was asked to bring all parties together and to create a clear vision.


Each party had its own interests, as a result of which the mobility solutions could not be presented as one strong plan. To find out the joint motive, vandenbusken proposed a Golden Circle session, a method from Simon Sinek. This theory states that every organization knows what he is doing, some know how they do it, but few organizations know why they do certain things. With “why” is meant what your drive or believe is. Why does your organization exist and why does it matter to others?

Together with various members of the Mobility Alliance, vandenbusken has completed a total of four sessions, following the Golden Circle method.
In the first two sessions we mainly focussed on obtaining the Why. What does the Mobility Alliance believe in and what do they stand for? The third session was meant to describe the How. In the last session the focus was on the What: The Delta Plan.

In order to provide the Mobility Alliance with good tools for external communication, especially in regard to politics and the media, we have written various arguments connected to the Why, How and What. So they could directly apply them in their external communication.


The goal is achieved: we have brought all parties of the Mobility Alliance into line with a common Why, which all involved parties support: Mobility is freedom of movement. It makes our world bigger and enriches our lifes.

But it didn’t stop there… A few months later, on June 12th, the Delta Plan was presented and handed over to the politics. The Delta Plan was big news in all major news media in the Netherlands for several days. In all news reports, even in the headlines, the vision of the Mobility Alliance was stated: Mobility is freedom of movement.


Case IDN Mobility Alliance

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