DLF, India’s largest real estate developer, has launched a premium residential estate in a suburb of Kolkata city. DLF wanted to target Bengalis residing outside Kolkata and invite them to buy a home for their future use – when they returned to the city. The solution was a mailer that played upon the ‘homecoming’ aspect, with an actual pot ( empty) of sweets. The campaign created high recall, with people redeeming a voucher for the actual sweet and making enquiries about the property.


Kolkattans believe that no matter where they stay, life in Kolkata is the best. They keep coming home for holidays and will finally retire here.

Since every Bengali wants to return to Kolkata after having made money elsewhere, a ‘homecoming’ mailer was created and sent to a small number of affluent Bengali professionals living outside Kolkata.


Total Mailings: 500 (across 2 cities)
Cost per mailing: < 5 Euros
Coupon Redemptions: 70 (14%)
Respondents/ Enquiries: 26 (5%)

The mailer was highly appreciated by DLF, as well as the recipients.

Considering the value of each apartment is in the region of 75,000 Euros, every enquiry counts!


This Dimensional mailer consisted of a hand-made clay pot which normally contains ‘Mishti Doi’ or ‘sweet curd’ –a typical Bengali sweet.

The cover has the line ’An invitation to enjoy the sweetest homecoming ever’ and uses traditional Bengali motifs ( Madhubani paintings) and icons.

The mailer also contained a small booklet which emphasized the ‘homecoming to Kolkata would be perfect at New Town Heights, the DLF property.

To complete the experience, a coupon entitling the recipient to 500 gms of ‘sweet curd’ from a sweet shop in that city and a Business Response Device were enclosed.