AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: May 1, 2017
Campaign ended: June 1, 2017
Created at: August 18, 2017


Spotta is the biggest Dutch distributor of unaddressed printed advertising material and has the largest reach within The Netherlands. Spotta is always looking for new ways to make the pack of advertising folders more fun, inspirational and exciting. One of the ways is adding a product sample to the folder package.


Most advertisers were not yet aware of the possibility to add a product sample to the folder pack. This can be done very targeted to a specific area or target group which makes it very interesting for manufactures of certain products.


Spotta asked vandenbusken to develop a campaign to convince marketing/brand managers of FMCG manufacturers to start sampling their products with the unaddressed folder pack of Spotta.



Creative concept

Vandenbusken came up with the campaign ‘Get noticed – on the door mat!’ In Dutch, the words of this concept have a double meaning: “Val op – de mat” means “Get noticed on the door mat” as well as something along the lines of “Coming through the letterbox”



We wanted to show the brand managers that sending a product sample along with the Spotta folder pack really makes an impact in every single household. We literally gave the target group a door mat, personalized with their own name and challenged them to “get noticed” with their product. We placed a folder pack right on top of the doormat, with the actual sample of the brand the brand manager was working for sealed in the pack.


Most door mats were sent by parcel post, but for some we’ve made an exception. At dawn, the door mat has been placed in front of their own office door.




The main purpose for Spotta was to create sales ready leads.

Of the 35 brand managers we targeted, 10 had a follow up meeting with the sales rep of Spotta.

Samples have a long lead time in terms of freeing budget and production, however Spotta is having productive sales meetings to get there!



Available documents for download:

Spotta Door Mat