Campaign started: July 1, 2020
Campaign ended: August 1, 2020
Created at: August 27, 2020


After Covid19 kept us in lockdown for two months, our client, the Dutch Association for the mobility industry, noticed that more and more people chose other – individual- options for their transportation, such as the bicycle, scooter, motorbike or car.

While the government recommended a distance of 1,5m to others, it was getting harder to keep this social distance in busy traffic situations.

RAI Vereniging asked us to create a campaign to inform the different type of road users how to act best while hitting the road during the pandemic.


In order to keep a healthy distance, you need to interact with other road users and make eye contact. We decided that this could be the key to communicating this serious message in a light and playful way.

We created the campaign “Do I have your attention? You have mine”.
With this ambiguous concept line, we informed road users that a good relationship on the road, starts with having an eye for each other. Because only then, people can anticipate and maintain the distance needed.

To communicate this serious message in a way which is noticeable, we made a connection to another form of “attention” in traffic: flirting, which is commonly known among road users.

To bring the message across, we created several communication assets:
a campaign video, Out of Home abri’s, Facebook & Instagram ads, YouTube pre-roll ads and banners.

All communication assets lead to a campaign website on which people could read tips & trick for an ideal relationship in traffic, specified to their situation.


Our campaign generated a lot of free publicity after the launch and distributing a press release. We were published by several Dutch news websites and our client was interviewed by a well-known Dutch news radio station.

The campaign is currently running until the end of August, so only the first results can be reported. The first results of the paid campaign are very positive! The CTR on Facebook Ads is around 2% and 40% of the people on YouTube watch the full pre-roll ad.


Do I Have Your Attention – Presentation