AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: February 1, 2018
Campaign ended: April 1, 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


Spotta is the biggest Dutch distributor of unaddressed printed advertising material.

Etailers (Dutch equivalents of are a tough group to convince to use unaddressed advertising folders. They prefer online campaigns, because they want to be able to measure every impression and click. However, with these campaigns, etailers mainly reach their existing customers, while aiming to reach prospects. With Spotta, etailers could add a new channel to their mix, drawing potential (unaware) new customers to their webshop.

Spotta asked VDB to create a campaign that is so powerful that the etailer wants to make an appointment with Spotta account manager.


Marketing managers in the etail business, are often “stuck” in their usual communication matrix, using the same online channels over and over, testing for better figures. We want to open them up to the idea of something new and surprise their (potential) customer by using a new channel with which they can reach an unaware potential customer.

Creative concept
We introduced the campaign ‘Escape of the matrix!’, using the metaphor of “The Matrix”-movie to create impact. We first sent the target group a personalised teaser card in “The Matrix”-style. The message of the teaser card was: <name, do you escape the matrix? Two days later we’ve followed the teasercard up, by sending the same marketeers a board game, which is an ‘escape room’-game. After these mails, the marketeer was called by a sales rep of Spotta, to schedule an appointment.

We wanted to show the target group that offline really creates impact.
We believed that the brand managers will keep the game ‘escape room’ and that they would talk about it, so they would keep thinking of Spotta. We explicitly did not use “Spotta branding”, because online marketeers would think that the message wouldn’t be relevant to them.


The main purpose for Spotta was to create sales ready leads. Of the 35 marketing managers we targeted, 10 had a follow up meeting with the sales rep of Spotta.