AGENCY: NXT/A2N Reklame & Digitalbyrå
CLIENT NAME: Byggtorget
Campaign started: March 23rd 2018
Campaign ended: April 5th 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


Byggtorget is a construction materials chain with 120 stores in Norway. Most stores are located in thinly populated areas and Byggtorget position themselves as a skilled and friendly local store, with focus on a small but relevant product range. Availability and knowledge of the local market is key, as well as knowing their customers.

Byggtorget will soon have an improved homepage with possibility for online shopping. In the meantime, traffic-generating activities have been focused on content and inspiration. Byggtorget wanted us to come up with a digital campaign focused on strengthening the relation to existing customers, without any commercial targets.


During the Easter holidays, Norway has a long tradition for Easter Crime quizzes. You’ll find them on TV/Radio, in newspapers, Social Media, etc. We decided to make a digital Easter Crime which should activate existing customers and give them an incentive to win a prize, without any large effort.

We came up with a plot where an old man is killed, and 4 persons are suspects. Our internal illustrator drew the story which was presented as a Byggtorget cartoon. The name of the quiz was “Spiker’n på hodet” which means “The nail on the (hammers) head”. The plot has a construction-related setting and products from Byggtorget are a part of the story.

The quiz was published as a campaign on Byggtorget’s Facebook-page and was promoted on the homepage as well as in Facebook-ads targeted towards Byggtorget’s followers. Participants could guess who was guilty of the crime and register their answers directly on the Facebook-page. Among the correct answers, three winners were drawn.

The Easter Crime should function as a friendly reminder of Byggtorget, without being perceived as any sales activity. It had a total budget limited to EUR 5.500. Results were measured in number of participants and total reach.


Target-group: approx. 100.000 individuals (visitors on and Facebook-followers).


  • Reach: 38.943 persons
  • Impressions: 84.702
  • Clicks to campaign site: 2.799 (7,2% click-rate)
  • Participants in quiz: 1705 (4,4% conversion-rate)

A fairly small campaign that generated great results! Media spending was only EUR 680 and cost per click was EUR 0,24. 61% of the visitors to the Easter Crime campaign site entered an answer, which shows that the engagement was great. 7,2% click-rate among the reached target-group also shows that the theme generated high interest. The activity generated a lot positive feedback and was shared by many on Facebook.



Campaign  element description:

  • Facebook Easter Crime campaign site with vote-function
  • Facebook Ads
  • Web banners and article on