CLIENT NAME: Economic Development Board


Trime was commissioned to create seasonal greetings in digital form for Bahrain’s Economic Development Board (EDB)
To maintain the professional image of EDB and cement the close relationships between EDB and their stakeholders

The response had to magnify that Bahrain’s business climate is attractive in spite of socio-political difficulties
The communication had to be disseminated to diverse but senior audiences
The designs needed flexibility for different messages at different times
All designs required optimisation and coding


Target Audience:
Senior executives such as CEOs, business investors and local and senior government representatives (Offices are located in India, China, Japan (inc Korea), Germany, United Kingdom (inc France) and the United States of America.

Creative Approach
Trime Media found inspiration at the heart of Bahraini culture. Namely, to utilise the simple, traditional products that are woven from palm fronds by local people and to reflect the appropriate greeting on each frond. Thus achieving a simple, original, authentic and inspired solution.


1. The agency won the government tender business against major networked agencies
2. The EDB was delighted by such an inspirational solution
3. Many of the international audiences commented on such a differentiated approach and how Bahrain’s national culture was reflected in such a humble but creative way
4. Local audiences commented on how a business greeting managed to be relevant and yet create an emotional connection.