CLIENT NAME: Legislation & Legal Opinion Commission


Trime Media was commissioned by the Legislation & Legal Opinion Commission to create communication that convinced the Bahraini people as to the merits of voting and educate them on voting procedures.

To overcome a strongly negative impression of governmental process by a significant section of the population.
To convince everyone that voting really is worthwhile.


Target Audience:
Bahraini Adults

Creative Strategy:
To convince all Bahrainis that voting was worthwhile and their vote truly mattered was a giant task in difficult times, from a marketing strategy of creating awareness delivered through the creative strategy of “ بصوتك تقدر” which means with your vote you can. This friendly and colloquial approach meant we were not talking to the people but with them and it’s this approachability that became the strategy’s strength.

Media Strategy:
The nationwide campaign invested in social media to maximize value for money and exposure for the campaign

In order to initiate conversations and maximize exposure, the campaign utilized social media and leveraged the creative strategic slogan to get conversations started across diverse topics. The social environment was perfect for initiating debate about how your vote really does mean something and how you can help make changes to society and make your country a place in which you feel proud to belong.


1. The social campaign created true electoral debate and multiple conversations.
2. The total vote was 183,949 up from 114,570 in 2010.
3. The registration was a staggering 349,713 up from 171,000 in 2010.
4. Within 24 hours of campaign launch 1.799 million impressions were recorded on Twitter.
5. Within a further 24 hours this figure had quadrupled and eventually reached 8.051 million.