CLIENT NAME: Elevation Burger


Driven by the passion to bring in organic, healthy and fresh food to public since 2002, Elevation Burger has been the first fast- casual restaurant that redefines the fast food industry with its focus on offering the best quality of food, that is better for both customers and environment.
The idea of ELB was conceived by the American CEO and founder Hans Hess, it quickly gained national acclaim, making it now a rapidly growing international organic burger chain in 21 different locations, that serve 100% USDA-certified organic, grass- fed, free range delicious beef burgers. 100 more locations are expected to be opened worldwide- including GCC- by the end of 2013.

After hearing about Elevation Burger’s concept and its rapid expansion in the USA, The owners recognized the need of families in Bahrain for a healthy alternative to the usual fast food restaurants, so they decided to bring the chain to Bahrain.
Introducing the Seef Mall’s location to public, spreading a media awareness about its concept and attracting people to visit it were challenges for Trime Media.


Trime’s team had created a strategic marketing and PR management plans in order to introduce the first-ever location in Manama to public.
The team had implemented essential brand management principles to follow the same guideline of ELB original brand, aiming to add a matching sense between the global American mark and all the designs and contents of the Arabic collaterals that were created for Bahraini society by Trime’s team.
Trime Media planned the event of ELB’s CEO and head team visit to the Seef Mall’s location, as well as consulting all PR and media communication.


– Trime Media met client expectation
– Increased market awareness


– Brand mark
– designed Menu