AGENCY: IDN South Africa



ESN (Enterprise Social Networking) will be one of the next biggest new things. At the time we started working on this campaign it was still new and therefore relatively unknown.

Although some of the major players like Microsoft have ESN platforms our client was more interested in promoting a platform agnostic service based solution. It was also necessary at the same time to present the concept of ESN and how it can benefit a company ito innovation, promoting cultural growth etc.

The objective was to generate 25 viable leads for client to follow up.


We wanted to position ESN as a breakthrough in communication. The campaign was therefore built around the analogy of braille which when it was first developed (in France in the 19th Century by Louis Braille) was a breakthrough in communication for blind people.

Various design elements in the pack therefore incorporated braille. It was also felt that this dimension of the pack would encourage engagement.

The next element of the campaign that was given close attention was the development of the list. The list was carefully crafted to target companies with 50 to 200 employees (within specific verticals) within a 20 kilometre radius of the client’s offices. The reason for the former was that we believed these would be the best prospects. The reason for the latter was that we wanted to optimise client’s productivity by reducing travelling time to meetings.

The delivery of the packs was then followed up phone calls to ensure as many appointments as possible. These calls were also made by the Agency.


Because of a postal strike, the agency and client actually hand delivered 200 packs.

After making phone calls where we were able to contact +- 120 of the prospects appointments were 53. This represented a response rate of 26,5% against the initial distribution of 200 packs.

The cost of the packs, covering all elements, as +- R38K.

Unfortunately client did not disclose the business booked as a result of these appointments.


The pack comprised :
– Outer, non-standard, hand-made envelope
– Letter
– Lift piece including the braille alphabet
– Brochure
Carefully assembled list of 200 prospects


C04 – Engage.pdf