AGENCY: & et vous
CLIENT NAME: Heuler Hermes & Moodies
Campaign started: June 12, 2017
Created at: July 26, 2017


Moody’s and Euler Hermes decided to give the chance to medium-sized company, to get their own rating system, based on the same system than publicly traded company. It was necessary to create a unique service, adapted to medium-sized company, and truly distinct from the offer to big company or States.
Our role : to launch internationaly this new and innovative digital rating service and reach each target audience and create leads.


To achieve these goals, the approach developed focused on three dimension :
1. Position the service by creating a clear identity, easy to memorize and assimilable : TribRating (;
2. Define a specific brand territory that add value to each characteristic of the services and its various products and impactful : that’s when the spiral and the colors enterthe stage.
3. A tactical lead media campaign specifically based on reaching three specific targets that have been dissected and analysed to precisely understand their behaviors and needs and address each one with the appropriate media strategy and message :
These targets :
– “Issuers” : mid caps company, who request to be rated
– Investors
– Intermediates
Issuers have specifically been addressed by advertising on Xing. Display and Facebook ads and mailing and emailing completed the media strategy.
A pedagogical side has been developed in the message to inform targets about this new service and insist on the methodology and FAQs to drive them to the website.


(From June 14th to July 16th 2017)
Page views : 6 811
Average time on pages : 1’26’’
Bounce rate : 52,3%
Methodology downloads : 54
Research paper downloads : 36
Email campaign : 69% opening mails, 5% website visit.
Display click rate : 15,43%


  • Branding
  • Website
  • Display
  • Media buying
  • Direct Marketing
  • Emailing