AGENCY: IDN South Africa

CLIENT NAME: AfroCentric Health: Invincibility Attendance Rewards Program


AfroCentric Health has been providing healthcare administration services and health risk management solutions to South Africa’s leading medical aids and corporates for over 40 years.

AfroCentric Health is focused on managing its absenteeism liability, as savings in this area translate directly into bottom line earnings.
1. Conceptualize an employee engagement program to reward and recognize employees with a perfect attendance record
2. Design and deploy a communications strategy that is relevant to the ‘operational core’ level employees
3. Create an opportunity for employees to demonstrate their commitment to the organization
4. Showcase the winners and position them as heroes


The very nature of the brief was paradoxical, as we were rewarding employees for being present at work. However, this premise, when considered as part of an integrated employee wellness strategy, made perfect sense.
A simple rewards mechanism was proposed to client:
• Employees with perfect monthly attendance records (specific exceptions were allowed e.g. sick leave, compassionate leave) would be entered into a draw & 5 winners could win ZAR5000 cash each.
The proposed name was Invincibility Rewards, premised on the insight that employees conquer numerous challenges daily to be at work (public transport, affordability, food security, ill health, lack of child care solutions). As such, these employees with perfect attendances are unbeatable, indomitable… Invincible. This spirit also needed to translate into the organization daily vocabulary.
The creative reflected this strong tone, but also adopted a cheeky approach by emphasizing how high performance teams are less impactful if a member of the team is missing. The reason for being absent was intentionally ridiculous, and captured in a consistent treatment. The media mix included posters, banners, emails, desktop wallpapers, a program microsite, branded apparel, winners’ cheques, jackets and plaques. Employees also signed a commitment charter, which was flagged on their employment contracts.


Annual Target:
50% of employee base to sign the charter
10% reduction in absenteeism liability over the full year

92% of the employee base signed the commitment charter
3.5% reduction in absenteeism liability in the first month
A further 3% reduction in month 2
The campaign became self funding in month 1

This represents a cost of program (COP) of less than 1.2% and an ROI of 7.3 in 2 months.

The client has expressed commendations from the board members, who did not anticipate such a positive response, in such a short time frame.


Front end microsite; Online survey plug-in for the charter; SMS; MMS; Email; Desktop wallpaper; Augmented reality tags; QR codes; Posters (A1, A0, A4); Pull up banners; Gifts; Branded apparel; Competitions and Prizes (Health related wearable tech and gym memberships)