AGENCY: Et-vous
CLIENT NAME: Promotelec
Campaign started: April 16, 2018
Campaign ended: May 20, 2018
Created at: August 29, 2018


Promotelec Services promotes comfort and security at home through a new website offering advices, labels and professional recommendations. This campaign focuses on addressing prospects concerned by the issue of elderly home care, an important matter in France. However, in France few people are aware of Promotelec solutions. This campaign objectives is both to develop the prominence of Promotelec and also to bring new potential customers on the website. The website offers state of the art evaluation module to identify the best solutions for home care.


Elderly home care is a major issue in France. Therefore, we choose a mass strategy and target broad audience at first before concentrating efforts on hot prospects. Media activation include posters on trams and buses to reach wide audience at the beginning, then radio and press to refine the target. We then focused on upper funnel target to transform hot prospects in customers with social networks posts, web banners ads and an effective e-mail campaign.
To represent aging concern without drama, we made strong creative thinking. For instance, we choose to use the word “ evolution” rather than aging. Moreover, this term is close to “evaluation”, which is precisely Promotelec’s approach on its website. The clear and direct slogan “I evolve, I evaluate” reinforces the identification with the “I”, and suggests a relation of causality with the resemblance of the sounds.


The e-mail’s opening rate is 66% and the clickthrough rate is 30%.