Campaign started: 03/01/2021
Campaign ended: 05/11/2021
Created at: August 10, 2021


EWE is a leading energy supplier in Germany with many business customers. EWE offers a solution for generating and storing electricity themselves during the day. This means that energy requirement can also be supplied at night. This solution is called EWE Business Flexload. EWE Business Flexload is to be presented to about 300 large German companies that have 24/7 energy requirements. Due to the pandemic, personal appointments are still not possible. Instead of waiting a better times, the presentation of EWE Flexload will be held as a webinar. Digital communication has increased enormously in times of the pandemic. Therefore, on our recommendation, EWE decided on a print-to-web invitation. The invitation should already convey the sustainable idea and should gain a response of 10 + X % as attendees for each of the 3 webinars


On our recommendation EWE decided on a print-to-web invitation. Our strategy: This haptic invitation with clipboard generates a lot more attention than an email invitation. The campaign was also supported by a reminder postcard.

Of course, there are many arguments against a haptic invitation: The cost (11.– Euro per Package incl. p+p), the hassle, lack of flexibility, delivery time, and so on.

But there are strong arguments speaking for a haptic invitation:
– It exists in the analog reality.
– It is a far more exclusiv.
– It is THE ONE among many team meetings the people may remember.
– And finally: You will not click away the the bamboo clipboard after the webinar is finished. It is still there when the meeting is over. No digital address can do that. From the feedback we know that many interested parties, including those who were unable to attend the webinar, have positively accepted the clipboard. of coure the image value cannot be precisely measured. However, it does exist.


EWE defined the following benchmark:
– 10 webinar attendees for each of the 3 webinar held in april and may 2021 = Index 100

– The result: 1st webinar = 9 attendees; 2nd webinar = 14 attendees; 3rd webinar = 21 attendees;
– The webinar invitiation generated over all 43 webinar attendees = Index 143