CLIENT NAME: Rehms Druck


For the CO-REACH 2014 Rehms Druck selected us for an other time to make the Unique selling point of their company visible, to differentiate themselves from other competitors. We created not only the stand-design and the campaign-logo but also several steps to inform and to invite the people to the exhibition stand of Rehms Druck. The first step was the invitation of the people with an individual mailing and to draw attention to the exciting content of the exhibition. Also a landing-page should be created compatibly to that. The main task was to create a special and unforgettable exhibition stand and some give aways were also necessary.


We have decided to make an extraordinary and at same time exciting motto: the mission to M.A.R.S. The term M.A.R.S. describes the beginning up to the successful conclusion of every marketing activity: – Mailing – Activation – Response – Success. Compatible to that we created an up-and downstream multi-channel-campaign around the topic: M.A.R.S. Also the exhibition stand was in focus on the red planet including a cardboard stand-up of an astronaut. Give aways as if an extraordinary exhibition-case and a safety west with the campaign visual printed on it, were part of the promotion of Rehms Druck.


Uncountable visitors of the exhibition were overwhelmed by the eye-catching and extraordinary stand of Rehms Druck. In 2,5 days of exhibition over 400 meetings were held and they won 5 new clients.


Exhibition Stand, Mailings, Exhibition stand equipment, Landing page, Screen Design